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Posted March 17, 2011 by Michael Patrick in Social Science

Redheads, why are they so Fiery


Redhead, Personality Traits

What’s up with Redheads?
In Italian, they call you Tessa Rosa. The Italians have a Ferrari named in your honor.

Well, actually it is the value covers of the Ferrari engine are painted red is the inspiration, but you ladies can take the credit anyways.

Any well-played Italian man will tell you that story to get your attention, so let’s just go with it.

In the Netherlands they actually have a festival for the Redheads, (Roodharigendag, in Dutch)

An attractive Redhead is truly 1 in a 1000.

Why you might ask?

Well because 2% of the world population are Redheads and 50% of those are woman. That translates into 1 in 100 ladies are Redheads. Now you add to that the fact, that you are Fine, (attractive), and you can truly be 1 in a 1000.

Now, on to the topic at hand.

So why is it that so many Redheads have personalities that are as fiery as their forelocks?

Ever notice how the traits of that fiery personality seem to be more so tied to the ladies then the men?

Well that is because that little girls go through a stage in life the boys typically do not go through.

My unproven theory

While girls are in their adolescent stages of development, they experience a stage of life hereby they want to look like and be like all the other girls. This is typically  before the age of 13.

They want to completely blend in and looking just like all the other girls in very important. Unfortunately, the Little RedHeaded girls just don’t get a break.

While the Black girls, Asian girls, Blonds and Brunettes are all able to partake in the important stage of bonding with their peers, the Red heads are left with a head of hair that they just can’t escape it’s alluring uniqueness.

It is my theory that the inability for the Red-Headed girls to participate in this stage of development, leaves them a bit angry and out-of-place.

Any mother of a Redhead can tell you about the time when their daughter faced this stage in their life and wanted to have their hair dyed or cut off all in the name of looking the same as everyone else.

Once the girls have pushed thought this awkward stage of development, they are left with a bit of an attitude that lingers on for years and in many cases that attitude never goes away.

I hope this bit of insight will aid those of you enduring the experience of dating or marrying a Redhead. Sometimes a bit of understanding can go a long way.






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    I’m a natural redhead, and DAMN EFFIN PROUD!!!!!!! My closest little ring of friends who know tthat I won’t hurt them for saying it are always saying stuff like “Go! Defeat our enemy fiery mercenary queen of carrot world!” (I swear this is an exact quote from on of my brunette friends after my boyfriend totally went ninja with pepper spray mode all over her (with a cologne body spray thing called axe not actual pepperspray) and while I used to be made fun of and still am a little by certain masochist dumbasses attitudes changed when I got done with the awkward female stages. I got back from summer break and one of my semi- friends (who is a guy, most of my friends are) comes up to me all shocked like and goes “Well…uh…you look different…Jill?” and he asked me out to homecomeing… which I found awkward… aaaaand I’m rambling again. Anyways, I totally fit the redhead description- I’m just kickass in my own special ginger way :3

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